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Hello and Welcome to Nockdev!

Our company is working in various areas of the IT industry. Originally our main profile is game development, but as time passed and we gained more experience we started to work in other areas as well. As of today we make games, webdesigns, 2D graphics, 3D animations, custom softwares, logos and we have so many more services. So if you are looking to have some fun, you wanna get the coolest graphics, bring some creativity into your company or you need high quality IT solutions, you are at the best place.

Look around our website. I'm sure you'll find what you need :)

Okay so... how did we start out you may ask the question. Well... The Founder of Nockdev Entertainment (aka Nocktion) created the original idea of Nockdev back 2015, when he started developing Afterlifes. It was a loong long way to go from there all the way to 2017, when Nockdev became an actual business. Before that... It was just some kind of a brand. Afterlifes was released in 2019 by the way so there was still a huge gap between founding Nockdev and releasing our first game.

Fun fact time...

Our name wasn't always Nockdev Entertainment and Software Solutions. Originally the name was Nocktion Development, but Nocktion found it boring so he changed it to the shorter Nockdev. Then he thought that the word Entertainment sounds cool in the name of the company and it also represents that it's a game development company, so the name once more was changed to The Nockdev Entertainment. But the word 'The' was found to be a bit arrogant so it got removed soon. And later on in 2019 as we started to do other things and not just games our name was once more changed to Nockdev Entertainment and Software Solutions. Yes we all know it's very long, but what can we do? Just call it NESS or Nockdev and the problem is solved.

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